Empowering patients to achieve optimal and holistic health goals for higher quality of life.


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Ark Clinical Research is a multi-therapeutic clinical research site located in Long Beach, CA, specializing in late phase outpatient clinical trials in Asthma, Allergy, Respiratory, Immunology, Internal Medicine, and Dermatology, in service to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Our mission is to translate medical research into therapies that benefit patients. By navigating integrated research solutions through people, systems, and providers, we are able to innovative therapies, treatments, devices, and delivery methods to market, with the well-being of patients as our top priority.

As a clinical research site and medical research organization, our core values are what drive our business and the goals we work towards. Ark Clinical Research’s core values are:

Vision Statement

Ark strives to empower patients to achieve optimal and holistic health goals for higher quality of life.

Mission Statement

Ark’s mission is to be a center of excellence for bridging innovative research to current medical therapies utilizing our expertise, teamwork, and compassion for our patients.

We at ARK believe in…

  1. Highest Quality of Patient Care- Patient safety first, we at ARK combine standard modes of care with new research therapies that will benefit their overall health outcome.
  2. Excellence in Data Integrity- Exercising both good clinical and documentation practices, ARK believes in doing it right the first time, to ensure high quality data for the advancement of research and reliability as an organization.
  3. Client Partnership/Trust- We believe that excellence in research is the result of promoting a cooperative, transparent, communicative environment that builds trust and confidence to not only our clients but to the patients through the example of collaboration.
  4. Teamwork- A team excels through building and refining one another, bringing out the best that we can in each other, while understanding the visions of the individual and organization. The compilation of expertise, compassion, and willingness to learn builds a strong foundation that is worthwhile.
  5. Balance- We believe in promoting a balanced lifestyle between work and family for our team here at ARK to create an atmosphere that is always refreshed and ready to deliver excellence in patient care research.

With these core values at the forefront of everything we do, Ark Clinical Research promises to be your go-to development partner for late phase outpatient clinical trials.