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Therapeutic Areas


Our staff of board-certified investigators are well-experienced in conducting research in a number of dermatological conditions and have extensive training through various accredited programs.

Internal Medicine

Ark Clinical Research’s staff of investigators and clinicians have a broad range of expertise in a number of specialties relating to the treatment of patients and conduct of clinical research in Internal Medicine.


We understand the support and staffing that is needed to be successful in conducting pediatric clinical research in order to create an environment where quality is never compromised and parent and child comfort is paramount in the approach.


Having conducting over 600 respiratory clinical trials in a variety of conditions, Ark is well-acquainted with the specific challenges associated with conducting a successful program in respiratory diseases and has a well-designed approach towards managing these trials.


As a clinical research site, we are fully capable of conducting first-in-human studies of novel and preventive and therapeutic approaches to address viral illnesses and other infections.

Women’s Health

At Ark, our team of investigators and clinical staff understand the particular design and operation challenges that come with conducting clinical studies in women’s health, and we are able to respond to these challenges and are flexible to our clients’ needs.