Kenneth Kim, MD

Founder and
Executive Chairman

Kenneth Kim, MD

Dr. Kenneth Kim is an accomplished medical professional with a summa cum laude degree from Harvard College and an MD from Harvard Medical School. He completed his fellowship at MIT Sloan School of Management and specialized in Internal Medicine and Allergy/Immunology at UCLA. Dr. Kim has been involved in over 800 clinical trials, published 100+ research articles in peer-reviewed journals, and presented to esteemed regulatory authorities. He is also a council member for the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine.


Dr. Apinya Vutikullird, DO

Dr. Apinya Vutikullird is a board-certified Family Medicine physician with over 14 years of clinical research experience. Dr. Vutikullird has served as a Principal Investigator in more than 125 studies and as Sub-Investigator in more than 225 studies. Dr. Vutikullird’s research expertise spans various therapeutic areas including women’s health, allergy & asthma, vaccines, Alzheimer’s, muscular dystrophy, dermatology, 24hrs telemetry and CSF collection studies, biologics/human monoclonal immunoglobulin antibody, continuous multiple-days IV infusion, and first-in-human trials. As a Medical Monitor for the past 5 years, Dr. Vutikullird serves as a Medical Expert for clinical trials which includes advising sponsors on medical questions or problems during the conduct of a trial and ensuring the overall safety of clinical trial programs.

Dr. Justin Yanuck, MD, MS

Dr. Justin Yanuck is a double board-certified Physician in Interventional Pain Management and Emergency Medicine. He completed his residency at UC Irvine and Pain Medicine training at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital. With a passion for research, Dr. Yanuck holds a Masters in Biomedical and Translational Science and has conducted numerous peer-reviewed studies. As Principal Investigator at Ark Clinical Research, he brings expertise, innovation, and compassion to advance healthcare and improve patient outcomes at Ark.

Dr Martha Navarro

Dr. Martha Navarro, MD

Dr. Navarro is a trusted Family Medicine Physician with 20+ years of primary care experience. She has conducted research specializing in women’s health, adolescent care, metabolic and liver disease, in addition to dozens of vaccine trials. She is a seasoned Investigator serving patients of all ages. Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Navarro provides comprehensive and compassionate care to all demographics.

Amber Mottola

Amber Mottola, NP

Amber is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 12 years of experience in the Emergency Department. As a research-driven Sub-Investigator at Ark Clinical Research, she has participated in dozens of trials ranging in indications and phases of research. She is well liked by her patients, who frequently post about the excellent care she provides during the course of their visits. She is passionate about patient care and community service.

Lady Diane Gaska, Pharm. D

Dr. Gaska graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Southern California, School of Pharmacy. As the Pharmacy Manager for Ark, she is responsible for overseeing all aspects of investigational product (IP) storage, preparation, distribution, administration, and reconciliation per protocol. She has direct supervision of pharmacy staff. Dr. Gaska is an experienced pharmacist with 15 years delivering high-quality pharmaceutical care with a proven ability to manage quality in a high volume, fast pace, dynamic research setting. She possesses great clinical skills with business acumen to achieve company goals. She has been recognized for excellent quality in patient delivery and overall pharmacy operations and records. Dr. Gaska is a highly valued team member and we are happy to have her as part of the Ark team.