Samira Moran

Samira Moran


Samira joined Ark Clinical Research in February 2023. She has over 25 years of clinical research knowledge and extensive business experience with a proven track record for success. Prior to joining Ark, Samira was the President and CEO for National Research Institute (NRI) with 5 sites in Southern California until September 2021 when Velocity Clinical Research acquired all 5 sites. She supported the transition as Sr. Vice President for Velocity responsible for the Specialty Care strategy. In addition to her site experience, Samira worked with Parexel for 9 years leading the Phase I unit in Los Angeles and overseeing the strategic partnerships for the Early Phase division.

Samira is a warm, friendly, personable leader with the ability to motivate teams and develop strong, long-lasting relationships.

Hyo Kim

Chief Operating Officer

Hyo Kim is a seasoned executive with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare, finance, and nonprofit sectors. As the Chief Operating Officer, Hyo is responsible for overseeing overall business operations, administration, patient recruitment, and marketing. His expertise in leadership and management has been honed over the years through his previous roles as Vice President of Business Operations and positions in patient recruitment and marketing. Hyo has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a master’s degree from Biola University. Hyo’s leadership and negotiation skills and his passion for leveraging technology to improve patient experience have resulted in increased productivity and improved communication across teams. Overall, Hyo is a highly skilled and accessible leader known for developing high-performing teams and driving organizations toward their goals and objectives.

Annalisa Valencia

Corporate Controller

Annalisa G. Valencia is a seasoned financial leader with a remarkable career spanning two decades. Her adeptness in financial operations, strategic direction, and process optimization has been consistently demonstrated across multiple industries. Holding a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on Accounting from California State University, Fullerton, Annalisa’s enduring commitment to precision, collaboration, and strategic insight renders her an invaluable asset to Ark Clinical Research.

Jose Arraga

Jose Arraiga

Director, Clinical Operations

Jose is an experienced clinical research professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He began his career as a Clinical Research Coordinator with West Coast Clinical Trials, where he gained extensive expertise in Allergy and Asthma care.
In his current role, Jose manages the Study Coordinators and the non-medical research staff to ensure successful study execution across Ark sites. He is responsible for Sponsor communication as well as planning studies from start to completion across indications and phases of research. Overall, Jose’s experience, expertise and leadership skills make him an asset to the Ark Clinical Research team.

Dulce Gamez

Director, Operations

Dulce Gamez is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of allergy, asthma, and clinical trial management. Her exceptional skills in organizing and coordinating operations have resulted in optimal productivity and effectiveness. With a proven track record of managing office staff ranging from 15-100 employees, Dulce has demonstrated strong organizational, communication, and relationship-building skills. In her role, Dulce manages the Investigators’ schedules and has successfully implemented COVID-19 vaccines and treatments in the clinic. Dulce’s commitment to her work has earned her the respect and admiration of colleagues and patients alike.

Jade Ewell

Jade Ewell

Director, Marketing

Jade Ewell is a seasoned marketing executive with a wealth of leadership experience. He is adept at working collaboratively with multiple departments to create and manage effective marketing and advertising campaigns. Jade has extensive knowledge of digital marketing, ad copy creation, target identification, graphic design, conversion management, and reporting, which has enabled our patient recruitment efforts across indications.

Mike Delgado

Mike Delgado

Director, Metabolic and Liver Disease

Mike is a highly qualified Clinical Research professional with over 15 years of experience in the research field. His experience ranges from study coordination to site management across all phases of research. Mike has worked in a wide variety of indications including Metabolic and Liver Disease. His current position includes a hands-on approach along with patient recruitment and overall strategy for the Metabolic studies. As part of the leadership team, he supports staff mentorship and training. Mike is a certified Medical Assistant.