“Ark Clinical Research is the best. I had the best experience with my diabetes clinical trial. Mike,Veronica, and Elva were very kind, profesional and made me feel very comfortable throughout my visit. I give them five well deserved stars.”

Marcos L. – Bellflower, CA

“Ark clinical research is the best place. I went to get my vaccine back in 2020 and a Special thank you to Amber and Yamil! These ladies are so amazing and customer service was excellent! I can’t wait for working with them on a new project again!”

Dede W. – Los Angeles, CA

“Went for a vaccine study staff and clinicians were very knowledgeable, nice and helpful! Dr Amber and Dr V made me feel comfortable and we’re so great!!”

B.G. – Tarzana, CA

“I visited ARK clinical research for a flu vaccine study they were having and I had an amazing experience with them. All the staff working there are very kind, happy, and helpful. The nurse who helped me was named Joana and she made my my experience there a great one. She was nice, made me feel welcomed, and explained everything about the study thoroughly to me. I will continue to look forward to participate in more studies with them in the future.”

Angie M. – Los Angeles, CA

“Went for the clinical trials for the Johnson and Johnson covid shot back in 2020. NP Amber was very professional and knowledgeable. Was able to get my vaccine and card ready to go for when I traveled.”

Lauren Bonker – Los Angeles, CA

“These amazing women here at Ark Clinical Trials are in a league of their own. Super intelligent and knowledgeable in their field. They work so efficiently and professionally as a team. Such big smiles and warm welcomes. May is so helpful and patient. Amber is such a great Nurse Practitioner that really knows her stuff. Angel and Grace are true role models. We have Ms. Y who does it all is a great phlebotomist. These women are true hero’s & truth be told they’re brilliant. I love my experience at Ark and I will continue to participate in many more studies .”

Kimberly M. – Central Los Angeles, CA

“I have been a patient with Ark for multiple studies in the last few years now (COVID vaccines/treatments, flu vaccine) . Each visit and experience has been wonderful. The staff is super friendly and professional. They always move quickly yet efficiently. The NP, Amber is very good at explaining everything, which made me feel comfortable.

During my visits I have worked with Yamil, May, and Ayra. They are a wonderful team that works well together. I’ve recommend several friends to their clinic for studies, all of which have had similar experiences. Thank you for the great work and contribution to medical evidence!”

Francis Nikko Villagante – Los Angeles, CA

“New location is great! I love working with the Staff in this clinic especially Amber, NP. She’s very thorough and makes me feel safe and comfortable every time I come in. I highly recommend this facility to everyone who believes in pharmaceutical science and the future of medicine.”

Avon Rey Roque – Los Angeles, CA

“They are very kind and help full my nurse Carla Dominguez was great she so sweet and help full even when I came in late im in a supernova study and so far so good I recommend them for clinical trials”

Jennifer M. – Montebello, CA

“I’ve been going to Ark Clinical Research the past 4 years. Great staff especially Ira, Joana, and Bella who helped me today.”

Jesse C.– Los Angeles, CA

“I visited Artk clinical research for vaccine study. They are very organized and detail. They explained everything I have to know. NP Amber is very knowledgeable and helpful to my symptom after got vaccine. I highly recommend ark clinical research to participate if you are qualified.”

Heera C.– Los Angeles, CA

“Ira was very helpful and knowledgeable about her job. Very detailed and very nice person.”

Geraldine Y. – Anaheim, CA

“This place is the best. Everyone is very professional and very helpful. I have to give special shout-out to Karla D.!!! She’s the best and also very kind. I will recommend this place to everyone.”

Mark Lopez – Long Beach, CA

“Everyone I met here was so friendly! Karla was my study coordinator, and Diane worked together with Dr. Yanuck to oversee the details as well. May stepped in when Karla had to step out and I also got to meet Joana and Ira. They gave me snacks and water to make sure everything was good. Thumbs up!

Francis Nikko Villagante – Los Angeles, CA

“What a fantastic clinic.  From the front staff to all the nurses.  They are caring in every detail and through.  Thank you for the high end service.   Thank you also to Jose.  He does a fantastic work as far as caring for his patients.  Thank you for the excellent care and concern.  Thank you May just of the fantastic staff. 

Take time and enter a trial./  You will be able to be part of the future.  What a fantastic staff from the front entry to the Doctors.”

Mark. – Los Angeles, CA

I have not encountered a friendlier group of people, working together in a clinic as there is in Ark Clinical Research in Long Beach, CA. I have been there three times, counting today’s visit 8/24/2023. On my first visit, I was received at the front desk, three ladies, which, although they were wearing masks, I could tell they were smiling because it showed on their eyes … “Why were they smiling? I walked in and they did.”

As I was called to the back of the office, Karla welcomed me as if she had been taking care of me forever and the rest of my visit was splendid, very comfortable and I left with no doubt in my mind that I was treated very well.

Today I met May, one of the nurses. Very skillful and professional, above all, very welcoming and friendly … I saw Karla too, which she recognized me right away, wonderful feeling.

I got my first, test shot today. The director was the one who came in the room with another nurse, I didn’t know he was the director until he told me, but he was as cool as a person could be, we even had some major laughter about me running away before I got the shot. The clinic is full of very welcoming people, again, from the front desk …. all the way back to the back of the clinic and I mean it because even the staff that was there, moving supplies and equipment acknowledged my presence and said, “Hello”. This says a lot about the director (the boss), when you have happy people in your business, it means that they like what they are doing and where they are at, and in order for that to happen, the boss has to be a great person.

Sergio M. – Hemet, CA

“SO, I am currently going through a research study here and I need to let everyone know that I totally and highly recommend this facility to all, It is immaculate, the staff is professional, curtious, respectful and everyone of them have treated me with complete respect. Absolutely no long wait period either!

Lorraine O. – El Rancho, Pico Rivera, CA